Staff Blog: Miranda

“Miranda- I just put you on the list for the Brian Welch interview. You want to go, right?”

Does anyone really need to ask that question? I mean, he was the lead singer of Korn! I remember growing up singing the songs with my sisters, as we danced around pretending to be rock stars. Korn was my sisters’ favorite band, and I remember all of us being a bit upset when Head decided to leave. We didn’t understand, nor did I ever know why until I am Second came along and I watched his video.  And this week, I realized that he is just like you and me. He struggles. He falls. But, then, he trusts Christ to hold him steady and keep him strong. That is what I am Second has become to me-real people, in all their flaws and imperfections, coming to our God who loves us despite our inability to understand or reason why.

I could tell you all about my first week as an intern, but it would be insignificant if you did not know where I was two weeks ago. My experience here has been amazing. Everyone has this deep understanding and love despite where I was, because they have been there too.  So what happened? Let’s just say my finals week ended with me overdosing because of the intense amount of pain that I had endured over the semester.  And I remember crying out to God, screaming that I did not want to love Him or anyone else for that matter because I am so tired of being hurt time and time again.  I thought no one really could love me, because I myself was so screwed up beyond repair.  There is a lot that went in to why I thought that, but for the sake of time I will just simply say that I thought I was too broken for even Christ to fix.

But, as I have experienced the inner workings of I am Second this week, God has brought me to a place of complete peace.  The old has been washed away, and the new has come.  No, it has not been easy, but it has been gloriously fulfilling. It has been a crazy busy week: planning the Head concert and the upcoming Rangers game on the 30th
(you’re coming right?!) , as well as lots and lots of busy work.  At the end of the day, however, I am simply amazed by where God has brought me. I don’t know how or why I am the intern, but I am so glad that they have let me be a part of this revolution.  It is not exactly new; God being first was revolutionary even in Christ’s time. However it is a revolution that has been forgotten by our materialistic, consumer society.

So the question is no longer whether being Second is relevant. The question that now begs to be asked is  are you in?

-Miranda, our new intern

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