Sujo John

Newly arrived in America from their home in Calcutta, India, Sujo John and his wife Mary found work in 2001 with offices in New York’s, World Trade Center-Sujo on the 81st floor in the North Tower, Mary on the 71st  floor of the South Tower. By September of that year they had settled into a good life and by then were expecting their first child.  Yet Sujo was not content. As a believer in Jesus he wanted to know that he was being used for a purpose, not just chasing success.

When terrorists hijacked planes and rammed them into the World Trade Center towers on 9/11/2001, his life story was altered. As the walls of the towers came crashing down around him, his wife’s whereabouts unknown, and thousands dying around him, Sujo could only rely upon God’s plan for his life. A plan which became real amidst the death and debris of Ground Zero.

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