Not jewelry, but a tool

The sightings and stories keep coming about the I am Second bracelets. See how they attract attention.

Nora Lopez Hank

I had surgery yesterday. I was not allowed to wear any jewelry, but before I left home I slipped in my ‘I am Second’ bracelet. Even though it isn’t metal, I still wasn’t sure if they would let me wear it. No one said anything about my bracelet until I was wheeled into the operating room. One of the nurses said “I like your bracelet”. I thanked her and drifted off to sleep. I woke up and my bracelet was still on. And so begins my new ‘surgery tradition’!

Natalia Sepúlveda

This awesome-One of the guys from Ri-K Swing Merengue Group was just performing at a T.V. Show in P.R. & as he was singing & dancing kept pointing at his I Am Second wristband. Saying I Am Second!

Travis Holten Bracht posted:

I Am Second was wellllll repped last night at the American Idol concert in Oklahoma City! I was sporting my bracelet, Jacob Lusk had his shirt on and of course Scotty Mcreery was showing off the bracelet! I talked to both of them about it!

Sadie Peachey

In the slums of San Jose, Costa Rica. It was a bracelet on the wrist of Amy, who is there indefinitely working with the kids. She started a ‘Princess Club” with the little girls…teaching them that they are royalty, daughters of the KING, and to walk in that.

Jonathan Pitts

Just saw a wristband at the Oak Cliff Dept. Of Public Safety in Dallas, TX. Not the most exciting place, but a sighting just the same!

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