Moriah Peters Interview


Moriah Peter’s I am Second film launches this month! Before you watch her film, check out the insider interview where she talks about her music, journey and faith.

Q: When did you discover your love of music?

MP: I discovered my love of music when it had the biggest impact on me in sixth grade.  I went to a camp with my church, and the music was just a guy on a guitar, but he played really well and beautifully.  And it was a worship song, and I had my first music + God really powerful moment outside just looking at the stars and the trees. And I was like, “Wow. Like this is powerful.”

Q: From then on, did you know you wanted to be a singer?

MP: I don’t think I ever had the dream of “I want to be on the stage. I want to be a singer. I want that to be my lifelong career.” I still get scared to death before going out on stage. It’s not something that I desire. But I do see it as a platform, and, I mean, honestly, my desire was always to be a lawyer. My dad is a judge. And so just growing up around him, being a lawyer, and then becoming a commissioner. I thought that’s what I wanted to do. And I worked really hard in high school so that I could get a scholarship, and I got one. And ended up turning down the scholarship so that I could go to Nashville and do music.

Q: So when did the music doors finally open up?

MP: When I met Wendy Green. She felt like God had spoken to her very specifically that she needed to take me to labels and help me record a demo. I moved some things over to Nashville. Not permanently, but just for a couple of weeks, and I stayed in Nashville and went to different labels. And I went back home and continued on with my senior year of high school. And I got a phone call from her. And she said, “Now, honey. Don’t you be disappointed if none of these labels call you back. It has nothing to do with your talent.”

So I prayed. I said, “God, I know that it doesn’t make a lot of sense for me to have any interest from labels. I haven’t done music on my own. I haven’t written songs. I don’t even have a Twitter account. It doesn’t make sense for things to work out for me in this way. But if this is your will, please make it clear to me, and open the doors.”

[Wendy] called me back a few days later and said, “Honey, you come back over. We’ve got five label meetings set on up. Come on.”

Q: What has this entire experience meant for your faith?

MP: I’m not the same person that I was being that 17-year-old coming to Nashville.  Sort of having the ideal perfect situation of labels to choose from, a great manager, almost seemingly picture perfect.  And then going through the process of well, the single didn’t do that well. The sales weren’t that great.  We should have done this differently. We should have done that differently. The challenges of being on the road, and being a female. And being alone. These challenges have shaped me, are still shaping me.

Don’t forget to check out Moriah Peters’ I am Second film August 22. See how an American Idol judging, a chance meeting, and a commitment to never kiss until marriage helped launch this young musician.

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