Middle Schoolers Take Stand for Second

It all started when a young guy named Ethan was diagnosed with a rare cancer four years ago.  Last year an 8th grader named, Peter, got his buddies together on Friday mornings to pray for Ethan at a middle school in Midlothian, TX. They began using I am Second materials and as they opened it up to others, it immediately went to 80+ students.

IA2_2Frank Seale MS_Small Groups_2014_IMG_0562
These students formed Team Ethan in order to support their friend through this battle with cancer. Team Ethan inspired these weekly I am Second groups.
IA2_Frank Seale MS_Small Groups_2014_IMG_0393
On this particular morning, 140+ students flooded through the doors and Peter opened the group with his story.
IA2_Frank Seale MS_Small Groups_2014_IMG_0377
The students then broken into I am Second Groups to discuss the story.
IA2_2Frank Seale MS_Small Groups_2014_IMG_0558
As they gathered, they shared their stories and talked about life and God.
IA2_2Frank Seale MS_Small Groups_2014_IMG_0551
Before the bell would ring for class, the students ended their time together talking to God.

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