Love McKinney Projects Take Place All Over Town

McKinney Fellowship reached out to offer a helping hand to those struggling during these economic times. A multitude of projects took place Saturday, April 4 across the city. The list of projects was huge, but the smiles on everyone’s faces were even bigger.

“We want to show the love of Christ by getting out there in the community and doing something for others,” a McKinney Fellowship spokesperson said. “So many people just need a little help right now.”

There was enough work for 800 volunteers. Egg hunts were held at public housing complexes, a school and church in East McKinney. An elderly woman’s home received much needed repairs. The walking trails at the city park were cleared of debris. A fire station received food and a landscaping lift. A teachers’ lounge was repainted. Work was done at a Hispanic church. Volunteers spruced up the Samaritan Inn homeless shelter, painted kids’ faces, read story books, played live music at the Merrett Public Housing Authority, planted flowers, cooked food, and collected canned food for the food pantry. The list of projects goes on and on.

Volunteers wore shirts that read: “I Am Second” or “Yo Soy Segundo.” The church has a worship series and small groups kicking off Easter in coordination with the I Am Second campaign currently seen across DFW on TV, billboards and other media. It all spins off the website

“Community service is a good way to be second,” a volunteer said. “Being first doesn’t really work, because Jesus is first. This kind of volunteering is being the hands and feet of Jesus. Not just touting religion, but showing people love and letting them know that we care about what they need and what they are going through.”

McKinney Fellowship is located at 2801 Orchid Drive in McKinney, Find out more about I Am Second at

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