I am Second Wristband Sparks Conversations in South Africa


Dylan Stopher was given his first I am Second wristband while volunteering at a Newsboys concert. Whether it is at his job as a Funeral Director, with his youth group, or back in South Africa, Dylan uses every opportunity he gets to ignite a fire with the message of Second. While Dylan has numerous opportunities to share with individuals in the states, his most inspiring moment involves sharing Second on his first trip to Johannesburg, South Africa.

When he arrived, Dylan and his team were invited to attend a BBQ, but declined the invite to host a youth gathering instead.  Dylan, a lover of rap music, asked the group if they had heard of the Hip Hop artist, Lecrae.  He was astonished to find none of the teenagers knew him.  At that moment, he played Lecrae’s I Am Second film.  He quickly noticed the youth were captivated as this young artist who looked like them and talked about the radical freedom he found outside the world of drugs, theft, alcohol and gang activity. Tears and conversations gradually filled the room. By the end of the gathering the youth flooded the product table wanting an I Am Second wristband and other tools. Before you knew it, the team ran out of all the product!

Later that night, a man found Dylan because he sincerely wanted a wristband. They began to talk.  He opened up about his previous crack addiction and how Lecrae’s film encouraged him to find his identity and hope elsewhere. The night came to a close when Dylan gave this man his I am second volunteer t-shirt.

One year later, he returned to Johannesburg.  Dylan was greeted by this same young man.  Still free from crack and still rocking his I am Second volunteer shirt.unnamed


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