I am Second Group

Meeting at a Café that is always busy, always a little bit noisy, and always hopping with people doesn’t exactly seem like the ideal place for a spiritual group to meet. But I have to say, I’ve been surprised by its success. Last week, as my friends and I huddled around my laptop, watching the Brian Welch video, something struck me. It wasn’t any great epiphany. It wasn’t any glorious moment. It was just the beauty of what was happening right before my eyes. In my group there was a girl who is recapturing her relationship with Christ, a guy who is seeking the Lord on his own for the first time, an atheist, and a few other believers. And we were there, building friendships, and lifting up Christ in our conversation. We were encouraging each other. We were taking a testimony and looking for the significant pieces of it. We were looking for God—together.

I’ve been surprised by the way this group has opened doors in the past two months we’ve been meeting. Because we’re in an environment where people are already meeting, there have been people that join us who wouldn’t have otherwise come. Because the curriculum makes conversation easy, everyone stays engaged whether they are Christian or not. Because it starts with watching video, there’s a good central topic to go off of. It’s just natural. It’s evangelistic. Ultimately, it lifts up Christ. I’ve been really blessed by leading it. J

I get requests often for volunteering opportunities, and ways to get involved. This is a great way to do it. Instead of looking to us to give you a project or an event to work, look to the lost in your community and meet with them. We’ll give you the materials. Just reach out to them. You can find instructions on how to start a group here: https://iamsecond.com/#/getinvolved/ .


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