I Am Second Comes to SMU

What is “I am Second”? I am Second is a Web site launched on Dec. 2, 2008, where actresses, musicians, business leaders and ordinary people tell their personal stories, and are able to help others deal with real-life issues and daily struggles.

When you listen to the people’s stories, you will find that some of them overcame addictions. You will find others who went through life alone for so long and found it better to share the life experience with those who truly care/love them. Whatever story you end up being drawn to, it will offer inspiration, hope and peace.

Tomorrow evening from 8 p.m. to 11 p.m. in the Hughes Trigg Student Center’s theater, the Web site comes to life as the I am Second campaign stops at SMU.

There will be worship, guest speakers and more information on the I am Second campaign. Representatives from the organization will be present to answer questions and talk to anyone who is interested in getting involved in this movement.

Shannon Culpepper, organizer of the rally, attested to the fact I am Second is a grassroots effort by saying it is “kind of a movement, an organization all about people telling their stories and how being second to Christ affects your life.”

Culpepper came to be the planner of this event coming to SMU through her internship with the E3 Partners organization last summer. She now works for the organization full-time while being a full-time student at SMU.

While the I am Second campaign has been growing strong and attracting quite a following in the past three months through its Web site, tomorrow’s program will be the first event the campaign will host.

The SMU I am Second rally was promoted through various Christian organizations on campus. According to the organization’s Web site, I am Second is “one of the easiest ways to share your faith with people you care about.”

Culpepper believes the newly formed I am Second movement is “encouragement for Christians, but above all, a way to reach people for Christ.”

By Lola Obamehinti, Contributing Writer

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