How to Reach Your Community

Home-WhiteBG-Ryan-Ries-ESPWhen I started The Whosoevers with Sonny Sandoval the vision for the movement was to reach out to people and introduce them to Jesus. The Whosoevers name was inspired by John 3:16 and is based on going out into the world and encouraging others.

Here are 3 ways we reach out and you can do the same in your local communities:

1) Find your passion and follow it.  

If you like music teach kids music. If you like art raise money for a charity by selling your art. I like to speak and talk with kids that are going through stuff that I can relate to. I feel at home in rehab centers because I was basically in one and around a lot of people that had addiction issues. It’s rad to see God change hearts in the broken.

2) Connect with others.

Identify organizations in your community like local homeless shelters, rehab facilities, community & senior centers, or raise money for a non-profit you want to support. Volunteering allows you to connect with people and get in the real world and see what’s up. Also, include your family. I bring my nieces and nephew to events because they learn by watching.

3) Just like our walk with God, consistency is the key.

Volunteering gives you purpose. Our mission is to strengthen communities through people, and the places we volunteer at depend on us to be consistent. This builds trust and at the end of the day helping people is a gift.

The Whosoevers is dedicated to building local communities and speaking purpose into lives around the world. We’re always here to help plug you into a church or organization if you’re having trouble finding opportunities to volunteer. Check us out at www.thewhosoevers.com

Much Love, Ryan Ries

Co-founder of The Whosoevers

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