We received a phone call from what we thought was a youth pastor asking us to come over and help start some I Am Second groups at a local high school, Hebron High. So, we sent our best curriculum writer and trainer over to help them, but when Doug arrived, he discovered that it was a high school senior who was just looking to make a difference in his high school. Doug helped that senior, along with five of his friends, launch the first ever I Am Second group at Hebron High with much success.

Each one of those guys went on to launch their own groups, and by the second semester, they had outgrown their meeting space and gone through all of the curriculum we could offer them.

Today, less than eight months later, those six seniors have turned into over 100 high school students meeting once a week before school starts.

Oh, and what about curriculum? The seniors are filming their own personal testimonies and writing their own curriculum to go along with it.

These kids are on fire for Jesus Christ and are pursuing a life of being Second.

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