Day 15: Patience…Right Now

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Day 15 by Matt Sanner

“No matter how tough life gets or how dreary the day becomes, we can find courage in the fact that God will come through in the end” –Live Second, 18.

I love to fish.  More precisely, I love to catch fish.

People know this about me, and they sometimes remark about how much patience it takes to be good at fishing.  But here’s a secret about fishing:  if you need patience, you’re doing it wrong.  You’re either in the wrong spot, using the wrong technique, or fishing at the wrong time.

Though I love to fish, I am not patient.

God can be very frustrating at times because of that.  I have my sense of timing, and my plan, and it often varies widely from His plan.

God promised David that his offspring would have a kingdom that never ended.  But it would be 1000 years between that promise to David and the arrival of Jesus, the Promised One.  It can take a lot of patience to wait for God. 1000 years is longer than I’m usually willing to wait.  I prefer to give God until close-of-business tomorrow at the outside.

Yes, I need to pray more boldly (see Feeble Prayers to a Feeble God).  But I guess I should be patient and allow Him to work according to His timetable.

That’s painful when I’m praying for a friend who needs a job NOW.  Or when I’m praying for God to change the heart of a loved one away from addiction and back toward Him.  Or when I’m asking Him to heal a broken marriage.  Or praying for a child who is going through a tough time.  Each day that goes by has a story of hurt, and a desired outcome that is unmet.

I am not patient.  And all the trite and tired phrases like “all in God’s timing”, “God’s will be done”, or “all things work together for good” don’t help.  They may be true, but that doesn’t make me more patient.

I am not patient.  And I’m not even going to try to wait patiently.  I’m going to wait reluctantly.  I don’t want to fake it by putting on a happy face and pretending that it’s all OK.  I’m going to let my heart ache, and let my insides hurt as I go to Him over and over with my requests.

But I will keep going to Him.  I know that He is good, and I trust that.  I know that He keeps His promises.  I know that He has a plan that is beyond awesome.  I know HIM.  I trust HIM.  Sometimes I don’t like His timing, but I love HIM.

Maybe He wants me to be patient.  I’m not sure.  But I know that He wants me to continue to seek Him.

Lord, You know what I’m asking, and You know when I want it.  I don’t want to wait.  It hurts.  I’m asking for good things.  I don’t understand Your plan, and I don’t like waiting.  But I love You and trust You.  Please hurry.  And until You answer, please hold my hand so that in my impatience, I’m not waiting alone.


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