Day 12: Put it Down

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Day 12 by Chad Rigney

“Everyone has those moments when God asks, ‘Am I still First?’ What will you say when that moment comes?” –Live Second, 14.

Within the first 5mins of my day I touch some kind of technology. Usually the last thing I touch before I go to bed is also the first thing I touch in the morning. Life without technology (and more specifically, my iPhone) would be challenging. Usually, whatever you and I think about before we go to bed and when we rise takes priority. I wish I could say that the sole reason for me picking up my phone is to set my alarm for the morning. Unfortunately, more often than not, this isn’t the case. I’m usually checking my notifications, perusing the Facebook newsfeed or checking my email. What does this say about my priorities? It says a few things. It says I’m looking for a few “likes” to make me feel better about myself, I can’t leave “work” at the office, and I’m probably ignoring my wife laying next to me.

In my previous post I talked about the test that Abraham had to take with his son Isaac. It’s a test we take too. The question is, Is Jesus first? In Genesis 22 Abraham passes the test. It says that Abraham did not withhold his son (Gen 22:12). Abraham was able to offer Isaac with hands wide open, not with clinched fist.

What is it in your life that you need to put down? As crazy as it may sound I need to learn to put my phone down! At times, I’m like a dog responding to a whistle when I hear a notification on my phone. It takes everything inside of me not to move. I must learn to let go. Better yet, turn it off!

What is it for you? Maybe it’s technology like me. Perhaps you need put down the TV remote, close the laptop, or log off. It could be your car, your house, your degree, your portfolio, your desire for the first string, your desire for the first chair, your desire to be in top 10% of your class. None of these things are wrong in and of themselves. The problem is when we begin to hold on to these things with an iron fist. When this happens these things become first in our lives. God wants us to be like Abraham. He wants us to let go and put it down. Sometimes literally.

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