Nashville Launches with Church Coalition

Bare walls, an old carpet, and holes where light fixtures were being installed greeted us as we stepped into the new I am Second Nashville office. An old-school projector splashed the I am Second logo onto the side wall where it was being painted on. The Nashville launch had been two years in the making but the day had finally arrived and the city buzzed with excitement.

We passed several billboards as we drove in from the airport, each with the simple and enigmatic I am Second logo, daring the Nashville populous to ask, “Then who is First?” A cadre of local churches and ministries had committed to join the I am Second launch with a church wide I am Second campaign using the newly released Church Kit (check it out here).

Each would build on the citywide momentum established by billboard, radio, and various advertising outlets. I had flown in from Dallas to work with Angie Clawson, I am Second Nashville Director, in getting these churches and ministries trained and up to speed in launching the I am Second campaign. The first training started early that evening. Pastors, small group leaders, and other ministry leaders from around the city gathered to learn more about the movement that had landed on their doorsteps.

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“The billboards went up this week but already just this morning I had two people ask me what it meant to be Second. They saw my I am Second wristband and wanted to know more. Never before had I had such obvious opportunities to share Jesus with strangers,” one of the trainees said at the training opening.

We walked through all the tools contained in the church kit including the graphical support, small group materials, gear, book, and much more, but more than anything we talked about the power of story that the church kit utilized.

Everyone has a story. Simple or profound. Every person has a story both powerful and important. One that needs telling. One the world needs to hear. The I am Second church kit empowers and unleashes hoards of people to just start telling their story. Whole churches, entire ministries, and small groups can all be empowered to start telling the story of why Jesus is First in their life.

As more trainees flowed in with similar stories of more spiritual conversations being sparked by the local advertising, the bracelets, and T-shirts, the excitement became even more tangible. They began seeing that the potential of unleashing thousand of people around the city to share their story, the message that Jesus is First in Nashville.

Several years before, I had witnessed the launch of my home city, Dallas, with similar excitement. We had no written tools. No book. No Second group materials. And only 12 short films on a fresh new website. Nashville loaded with 4 years of I am Second experience, a host of valuable new tools, 90+ films, the new I am Second church kit, and a goal to bring on board 50 churches this year, promises to be an even more exciting event than I witnessed in my own city.

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