Check out What NFL Star Greg Ellis Planned This Christmas!

PNE-front0-470x654“I was on my way to work out with the Dallas Cowboys and it  was very vivid,” Greg Ellis began to share.

After playing with the Cowboys for about eight years, Greg Ellis realized if his house ever burned down, the pictures of his wife and kids would be the worst to lose. This brief moment determined Greg’s post-football career path.  He wanted to create and save memories for people. With a heart for teens, Greg began PlayNow Enterprise in order to help aspiring videographers and photographers.

“I turned down coaching because I like seeing people smile.  You can do that with coaching, but saving memories is where it’s at,” he remarked.

This Christmas season, Greg and PlayNow Enterprise bring a dream to life with The Now Christmas Program.  This season, they reach out to the Dallas community to bring the reason for the Christmas season to life. With a passion to reach the people of this city, they provide fun Christmas activities as well as an opportunity to hear the Christmas story.

“When you go to the stores you see very little about the origins of the real Christmas. My goal is to bring that back, while not excluding the commercial side of Christmas,” Greg shared.

Greg Ellis steps out into his community as a beacon of light to bring the hope of this season to every family he can.

The Now Christmas Program goes on from December 13-24.  To join in the fun and receive more information, click here.

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