Brant Hanson Posts his I am Second Video and the comments come!

Hey Brant,

I just saw your video on I Am Second. My son is almost 12, has Aspergers and is a pastors kid. Life is tough for him right now and he is angry with God. I found your video so encouraging. Thank you.


Posted By Lyn | March 24, 2011

Brant, thank you for posting the “I am second” videos. I sat at my desk to eat lunch today and decided i wanted to listen to wayfm while i ate. i saw your info about the i am second videos and started watching them. i just wanted to sit and weep as i listened to the testionies. i am at a point where i feel like i am stuck. i have been a christian for 10 years and been so grateful to have people who have taught me how to pray God’s word. i have seen Him move on my behalf and bring through some hard times. i love him, i do! i remember beign in a place where i first got saved and being frustrated watching the people show up late for service or take the word so lightly and declaring that i did not want to be like that…and i a feel like i am now like that….going through the motions, passionless but longing for him always. i try to pray and expect him to show up like he has before (bad idea :)) and get frustartted becuase i feel like i am not touching his heart any longer, but then he will answer little prayers that remind me he hears. will you please pray for me–that my love for him is restored that my passion for him is restored. and that i put on my armor and “fight this out in the spirit” and maybe its not about fighting right now maybe it is just about resting in him. Can you tell i am not even sure what to even ask you to pray for? 🙂 Anyway, thank you for posting the videos. it has been a reminder that God hears and knows and sees and has a plan for my life even though it feels like it is taking forever to find it. i need his vision for me so that i can get in agreement and watch it manifest itself. thanks for your transparency!

Posted By Kristin | March 24, 2011

The “I Am Second” videos are so raw and honest. Thank you for being willing to open up to the world at such a level. I listen every weekday from Rock Hill, SC via the web (no WAY-FM network station here) and your honesty, inspiration and challenges make the morning so much better – oh, and the laughs don’t hurt either. 🙂

Thanks again!

Posted By Greg | March 25, 2011

Thanks for sharing your testimony. I can relate to your story about being a preacher’s kid and wanting to fit in desperately. Some of the wounds I have suffered as a result have made me really question if I can ever truly be used in ministry. Then I watch the testimonies of others and see that they too are being used by God in spite of their flaws. That encourages me! The Bible says in our weakness he is strong. Thanks for reminding me of that through your story!


Posted By Crystal | March 25, 2011

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