Billy’s I am Second group

We got an encouraging email from one of our I am Second group leaders today that I wanted to share with you.

This past week was by far one of the most moving and spiritually enlightening weeks we’ve had in our group. This week we ended on John Meador’s video. At first glance, it really didn’t affect people much. But after a short discussion, I posted/asked a two part question that was related to the video.

I asked “Think of something you pray to God about often to take out of your life, get rid of, or just fix it”. For example I gave my wife’s parents. She prays often for their salvation and for them to become a part of the family again, they are Jehovah Witness’.

Most people answered out loud something they wanted gone or fixed in their life.

The second part of that question was “Now if you knew that your relationship with God would not be the same, and you would not be as close to Him as you are if He took away or “fixed” the problem, would you still want it gone?” Basically would you sacrifice your relationship with God to feel better here on Earth?

This hit people hard—harder than I expected. Had a lot of tears shed , and people open up. A lot with their own personal struggles. It brought out the “I” problem we as humans have, the fact we want peace and security “NOW”, and are willing to sacrifice our relationship with God, if we can just “feel good” now.

It was great. I think people finally felt they were not alone in their struggles. A video, while touching, never really stuck me that much, but when dug deeper in ourselves, we can see just how selfish we are a lot when we don’t put ourselves “second”.

I love this story for two reasons. First of all, it really highlights the power of community. By opening up to each other, the members of this group were able to get closer to God. Second, it’s such a good question that Billy asked. Would we sacrifice our relationship with God in order to be more comfortable in this lifetime? I challenge you to ask yourself this question, and then go grab coffee with someone and ask that person this question. Thanks Billy for sharing!

If you haven’t watched John Meador’s video, you can watch it here: https://iamsecond.com/#/seconds/John_Meador/.

If you would like to start an I am Second group of your own, you find materials to do that here: https://iamsecond.com/#/getinvolved/.


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