Being Second on Halloween?

I’ve been asked numerous times this week what I will be doing for Halloween, and as I think about what my answer will be I am rushed with ideas of trick-or-treating and going to the annual costume party. What is my response? Sure I’ve dressed up in costumes a few times and gone trick-or-treating, or even gone to a few parties. But this year is a bit different. My focus is intentionally and prominently shifted from myself to God, for now I am Second. What comes across my mind now is a question. How can you use this holiday to show those around you what being Second means? Just as Halloween is an opportunity to be creative with our costumes and have fun, it can be an opportunity to be creative in ways to bring this Good News to those around us, our family, friends, and especially our neighbors.

One awesome I idea I heard this week is reverse trick-or-treating; dress up and go around the neighborhood and instead of asking for candy, share something. Take a moment to share not only something tangible (candy, or a non-traditional treat) but also share our greatest possession, Christ. The challenge is to do something, be something different, and not for yourself, but out of the position of I am Second with the intention of lifting up Christ.

How can you lift up Christ in Halloween? How can you change the essence of this holiday to one that allows you to position yourself as Second? I have a good idea what I’ll be doing now, and how I can lift up Christ on this holiday.

Do you have a plan? Share what you are doing, or what you did to lift up Christ this Halloween.

-Patrick, I am Second Intern

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