A really cool way to get in shape

I can’t tell you how many times I find myself sitting on the couch thinking, I really need to workout. Seriously, it’s a lot. I’ve finally gotten to the point where I’m going to do something about. The first thing I’m going to do is start running again. (More on that in a post next week.)

The second thing I’m going to do is download an app called Calamity Gym. Cool name, right? Here’s what’s even better: Calamity Gym is partnering with I Am Second.

Source: Calamity Gym
Source: Calamity Gym

Here’s the gist: Calamity Gym is an app that provides a ton of video workouts that you can do in your home, at the gym, or even at your desk. You pay a certain amount a month for the service.

OK, OK, I know what you’re thinking: “Umm, you just lost me at the fact that I have to pay.” I know. But bear with me, because here’s what it gets even better.

What’s different about Calamity Gym is that they give a certain amount of your monthly fee to the non-profit of your choice. It’s “true sweat equity” as they call it. (Clever.) Usually, the donation amount is 25 percent. Not for you. First, the membership fee is being cut from $9.99 to $4.00. Second, the donation percentage is being increased to 75 percent.

Here’s what that means: By using the app to help you get in shape, Calamity Gym will be donating $3.00 a month to I Am Second. That’s awesome.

With over 4,000 workout combinations, the ability to access them through your phone, TV, or computer, and even the ability to create personal workouts, I think it’s worth trying. I’m going to. (And I’ll be a paying customer. This isn’t something I’m getting for free.)

You could use it like I am to get in shape, or you could even use it to get ready for the I Am Second run.

Here’s how I see it: The cost of not doing it is higher than the cost of doing it.

To get the app, search Calamity Gym in the Apple app store or in Google Play. Once you download it, make sure you register on the company’s website, CalamityGym.com. When you get to the promotion code section (not the fitness instructor code section), type in the code IAMSECOND (all caps) to get the special discount.

Let’s do this together.

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