When three students at Guyer High in Denton caught word of a Second student group in a neighboring town, they had to see it for themselves.They were seeking a way to reach more people for Jesus and felt that I am Second could help.

“We want it to be a movement in our school; something that inspires people.” — Megan Washam 

With permission from their parents to skip first block, they drove out to Hebron High on an early Friday morning and met with leaders of their Second group. Convinced that I am Second could work for their school, they returned with a renewed passion and began praying that God would do amazing things through them. He did.

“It’s just the atmosphere…God being present in the school, it makes such a difference.” — Suzie Palmer

WIthin weeks they moved from a small group to 30 students, then 40, then 60 and so on until they could no longer be contained by the class room that once held their meetings. Every Friday morning these students arrive an hour and a half early to worship, share stories, and pray together for each other, their school, and their leaders.

“God is doing great things here and we’re just happy to be a part of it.” — Tiffany Walker

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