I am Second attended EDGEFEST this year, a premier alternative rock event in the Dallas area, and offered free rides home to those who needed it. There were no strings attached, no fee, just a simple gesture that helped save lives.

Helping dozens of would-be intoxicated drivers catch a safe ride home via a taxicab, the movement helped people realize what living Second is about. Funding and support came from people like you and even new I am Second fans who attended EDGEFEST. The concertgoers who chose to take the free cab ride received¬†information on how to learn more about¬†www.IamSecond.com, and from there, they would find the life changing stories of others who have discovered the power of Second. People who caught a free ride included young adults, teens, one of the concert’s performers and even an entire family!

More change is coming, and it starts with you as part of this movement. Leave us a comment on your thoughts about the catch a free ride effort, then share this blog post with others! How does this inspire you to get out in the crowd and do something small that makes a big difference?

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