Seeing a group of 20-somethings roaming the West End of Dallas in the evening is a pretty common sight. Seeing them stop and chat with strangers is another thing, especially when those they are conversing with are homeless.

26-year old David Miranda doesn’t find this as unusual. He and a group of friends, many recruited from nearby Dallas Baptist University, make it a habit to camp near the West End DART Rail station and reach out to the residents, and those without residences, of that area of town.

It all started when Miranda, who was born in Sulphur Springs, TX and now runs a interpreter/translation business in Dallas, was inspired by his encounters with I am Second to use the movement’s  t-shirts to reach people in Downtown Dallas’ West End.  Finding this tool to work, he soon involved DBU students, most who are 3rd  generation Hispanic, to join in his adventures. They utilize both I am Second and Yo Soy Segundo gear/materials to start conversations in both languages.

With supercharged energy, the work of the group soon expanded from Sunday night sojourns to planting a church that meets on Sunday morning that provides food, clothing and worship services. The impact on the community as a whole is growing, and the new West End Church, as they call themselves, is as diverse as you’ll see. What can be found in these unexpected places? Jesus.



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