Brian ‘Head’ Welch to Perform in Dallas

Brian “Head” Welch, former lead guitarist for the Grammy Award-winning, controversial rock band Korn, will perform with his new band on May 19 at The Door in Deep Ellum in a concert sponsored by Dallas-based I am Second, a multimedia campaign that features Welch’s gripping transformation from junkie rockstar to devoted Christian, father and musician.

This experience coupled with an encounter with his real estate broker, who shared Scripture with Welch on being weary and burdened, proved to be a turning point for him. He conquered his drug habits and made the decision to re-dedicate his life to Christianity in 2005, prioritizing faith and fatherhood. In 2005, he resigned from Korn, but not from the music industry.

Welch’s debut album, “Save Me From Myself,” released in September 2008. The style remains true to his heavy metal roots, but contains a positive message and provides fans with evidence of Welch’s passion for music.
Welch’s story on the I am Second Web site shares the temptations he wrestled with as a founding member of Korn, including severe alcohol and drug addictions, in addition to the difficulties of simultaneously being a single father.
After hearing his daughter Jennea, then 5 years old, sing a Korn song about sex, Welch decided he had hit rock bottom and had to do something to change. “My life was just like spinning out of control,” he says in his I am Second video. “God used her [Jennea] to save me to save her life later on.”
“Before I found freedom in my faith, I thought I had it all. But, fame, money, cars, girls, drugs – these are not the things that bring you pleasure in life,” Welch said. “The high that comes from God’s love and the understanding that it brings is the most incredible, content feeling.”

The Door, at 2513 Main St. in Dallas, opens for the concert at 7 p.m. on May 19.

The concert will begin at 8 p.m. Tickets are $13.50 and can be purchased at

I am Second, the concert’s sponsor, was designed to help individuals discover their purpose in life through Christ and its Web site contains videos of the personal stories of struggle, transformation and restoration of musicians, actors, athletes, pastors and everyday people. Since the site launched in December 2008, Welch’s story has been the most popular on the site, with close to 160,000 page views.

In just five months, I am Second has had over 850,000 visits from 187 countries. Dallas-based e3 Partners Ministry, which created I am Second, has complemented the Web site with creative, targeted billboard, TV and radio media buys and kiosk advertising in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. The next step is expansion into other markets.

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