Andrew’s Daughter

After 16 years, this is what I have to show for my efforts.

The following excerpts come from my 16 year who wrote the follow for a school assignment. I have to admit, I’m glad she “get’s” what I am Second is all about. Now, the mission is to get the word out to those who have not met Jesus Christ. From my daughter, Elizabeth:

“When you think of a symbol, what comes to your mind? Is it the Nike Swoosh? Maybe it is the AT&T mobile networking globe? A symbol can be more than just a picture; it usually has a deeper meaning. Some symbols that are more that just a logo like the cross, the Ichthys, or a purity ring. These are recognizable symbols of a Christian lifestyle. A new symbol has emerged.

In December of 2008, the North Texas campaign of I Am Second was launched. The symbol of the I am Second campaign is a chair. The chair is where everything happens: the tears, the laughter, and the memories all unfold there. The meaning behind the campaign is to put God first, and if we are putting God first we become second, therefore getting the name, I Am Second.

They use relevant influences to capture the attention of people visiting the site. This is exactly what this generation needs, famous Christian figures giving testimony about how Christ changed their life! At the end of each video they give an invitation to accept Christ. The impact on the nation does not happen because of the chair. The impact from the stories inspire new believers to become second and existing believers into Kingdom action. Since I am Second is an evangelical tool to reach the lost and hurting, I think very highly of it! My family has gotten very involved with this campaign. In fact, my dad is getting ready to go into the full-time ministry with e3 Partners, the ministry behind the web site. It’s ironic, but it seems that everybody wants to go out of the country to share the gospel of Jesus Christ. My question is this: What about the people right here in our own back yard? Do they not need to know Jesus Christ just as much as others do? They do need to know. I honestly believe, that the impact that I am Second is having on people is amazing! Through this campaign thousands of people are coming to know Christ and they are being plugged into churches that can help them grow in God’s word.

My name is Elizabeth McElyea and I am second. Are you?”

Needless to say, I am proud of my daughter and more importantly I know there are thousands of others just like her. People all around the globe that are using the web site and materials to help fulfill the Great Commission; sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ and making disciples. You know, Jesus never made a distinction between domestic and foreign missions, we’re all instructed to reach the lost and share the Good News of Jesus Christ. Why not step out and join the revolution of “Second”?

-Andrew McElyea, I am Second Staff

3 thoughts on “Andrew’s Daughter

  1. Carolyn at 11:26 am

    Thanks, Andrew. for sharing. You are blessed to have this precious daughter. Thanks for joining this important cause. C. McElrath

  2. J Kathy Fehlbaum at 2:32 pm
    J Kathy Fehlbaum

    Elizabeth’s testimony is an inspiration, and I completely agree that the people right next to us need the message of Jesus as much as those across the globe. In the U.S., where Christian symbolism abounds, a chair medallion on a chain around my neck might be a more effective conversation starter than a cross.

  3. Dawn Hall at 12:01 pm
    Dawn Hall

    I love this. I have a similar story with my 17 year old. I love this ministry and love the billboards. When they first started popping up, I never remembered to go home and look online to see what they meant. I had a feeling I knew, but I wanted to look into it. I did finally look into it, and was very excited. I would love to find out about getting more involved. I currently author a blog called searchingforaplacetobelong that talks about what God has done for me and does each day. I hope that it will get me to the point that I can write the book God is calling me to write.


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