American Idol Winner Scott McCreery is Still Second

Young Garner, N.C., Resident Crowned Winner of Season 10

PLANO, Texas, May 26, 2011 – Despite winning Season 10 of American Idol, Scotty McCreery was telling the world he is second during last night’s finale. Since the beginning of the season, McCreery has been seen wearing a black I Am Second bracelet on his right wrist, showing his support for the groundbreaking I am Second movement (

I Am Second is a multimedia movement that chronicles the personal stories of struggle and transformation of celebrities and everyday people.

“In a competition where it is easy to get caught up in the greatness of ‘me,’ it is refreshing to see a young man who can remember who really is first,” said Mike Jorgensen, I Am Second executive director. “Though we have never spoken with Scotty about I Am Second, it is inspiring to see him take part in the movement and confidently display his faith to millions each week.”

I am Second is designed to help individuals discover hope. McCreery displayed the revolution of second after the winning announcement was made in last night’s show. “I thank the Lord. He got me here,” McCreery said.

The I Am Second website includes authentic video stories related to a variety of personal struggles, including abuse, addictions, pride, eating disorders, broken families and the search for success and meaning in life.

Celebrities featured include American Idol Season 7 contestant Jason Castro; former Korn band member Brian “Head” Welch; child actress Bailee Madison; 2010 American League MVP and Texas Rangers outfielder Josh Hamilton; surfer Bethany Hamilton; and football stars Bradie James, Colt McCoy and Sam Bradford.

e3 Partners launched I am Second in December 2008 in the Dallas-Fort Worth area with billboards and a variety of other advertising designed to raise awareness for the website. Additional media support has since launched in Orlando, Kansas City, and Evansville, Ind. Other cities are in the planning stages. For more information, visit

6 thoughts on “American Idol Winner Scott McCreery is Still Second

  1. emily at 12:23 pm
    I Am Second

    Scotty is a very thoughtful person & i believe if he put his mind to it he could do many great things i love his love for God i think its amazing that he has such a love for God

  2. Karla at 7:11 am
    I Am Second

    Looks like it’s time to do a Scotty video…I’d love to see it! Your videos are reaching the world. My students and friends watch them here in Venezuela where I serve as a missionary.

  3. Leah Amarosa at 11:06 am
    I Am Second

    I heard that Josh Hamilton was Scotty’s favorite baseball player. It wasnt until a month ago that i realized why. And now i also wear an iamsecond bracelet. Good Luck Scotty!!! We all love you!!! Keep giving God all the glory!!!

    -Philippians 4:13-

  4. Sharon Tima at 6:15 pm
    I Am Second

    Wanted to tell you how amazing your site is. I tell others of it often. I had the priviledge to meet Scotty’s family at AI and asked his Dad if he knew of and he lifted his arm and showed me his bracelet! Then yesterday at the Finale I got to tell Jason Castro what a blessing his story was on this site. looking so forward to seeing Scotty on the site Lord willing Thanks and keep it going guys!

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