I Am Second started as a conviction in the heart of Norm Miller, Chairman of Dallas-based Interstate Batteries. Directed by the Bible verse John 12:32, Norm was looking for ways in Dallas-Ft. Worth to “lift up Christ so that He might draw the people of his city to Jesus.“ A short time later he shared this conviction with e3 Partners, an organization he had partnered with for years. After a week-long collaboration with two of e3’s creative leaders, the idea become reality.

While a small team from e3 Partners coordinates the creation, production, distribution and communication of web content, tools, and materials of the movement, the majority of those involved with I Am Second are everyday folks found at businesses, schools, community groups and churches. Those who are featured on the site (called “Seconds”) graciously lend their names and stories to be shared so that others might be inspired to find the same freedom and sense of purpose they have found in Jesus.  While some of the “Seconds” may be well-known for their jobs or achievements, others are just local believers who transparently tell of overcoming struggles through Jesus.

Thousands of individuals and churches have connected with I Am Second by registering their small groups through the website. Local expressions encompassing entire regions and campuses have also formed to bring the inspiration of the movement to their areas. Media campaigns organized by local leaders are presently occurring in DFW, Central Florida, Tri-State/Evansville, and Kansas City KS/MO., International expressions via web or grassroots activities have formed with partners in Romania, Russia, Nepal, Brazil, the UK, and Switzerland.

e3 PartnersSince 1987, e3 Partners has brought a unique, approach to missions that has produced significant results in cultures around the world. The focus is church multiplication, incorporating all the key elements of going, making disciples, and teaching everyday people to start and grow new churches. E3 does this by Equipping believers to Evangelize their communities in order to Establish thriving, multiplying churches. Every year, e3 Partners impacts cultures around the world by mobilizing thousands of people for Medical Missions, Micro-finance, Community Transformation, HIV-AIDS, and other strategic initiatives designed to touch even the most unreachable of people groups. The people on these mission trips are believers from all walks of life that want to make an impact and share the message and love of Jesus around the world.