A note from Jason

This was posted as a comment on the blog last week and I thought you might find it encouraging:

“Thanks to the groundwork laid before me by this site I’ve re-dedicated my life to Him and His work for my life. I’ve been trying to do things on my own for the better part of ten years and due to this site and the prayers of others I found my life is better lived if I take a back seat and become, as you say, second. I am in need of prayer to stay on course and want to give you my thanks and Him my praise… God bless!”

What a blessing to know that I am Second can be used as such an influential tool in the Kingdom.

2 thoughts on “A note from Jason

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  2. Richard Cassidy at 9:58 pm
    Richard Cassidy

    Stillness Calls

    Beautiful songs greet me each morning as I wake;
    From the heart rivers of joy flow in tunes remembered and new;
    Each morning my soul leaps and sings looking forward to a bright glorious day.

    Standing in the middle of my room running in circles—frantically—while my foot is nailed to the floor;
    Because I’m moving I’m free; because I can move I allow myself to buy into the lie;
    And I look down, and I am free; there is no nail nor chain that binds to the floor;
    This prison, this cage, exists only within my mind;
    There is no reason why I can’t stretch out my wings and fly.

    I am not bound, yet not swimming in life’s great river;
    I am not deaf, yet putting on blinders, busyness of focus is my lie.
    I am accomplishing something because I am moving and fluttering around so quick that when I return home I’m younger than when I began. Look at me, I love you—all this is for you—and I don’t have time to talk now.

    Afraid of the quiet; nothing comes about by being still;
    I am so accustomed to a harried life, being driven by accomplishments;
    I spin about with weariness of soul looking for water to quench this undying thirst—standing in the river.

    Until I breathe…
    Until I stop…
    Until I listen…

    In the quiet storm of stillness comes renewal;
    In the gentle arms of strength comes foundation;
    As I speedup the slowness, peace enfolds and embraces this tired, tired, tired… .

    You and me, me and You, we sit and bask in our love, picking up where I left off—where we begin.
    There is no great story to tell, nor are there are fantastic worlds being discovered by adventurous travelers;
    No, it’s just you and me; and I weep because I’ve missed you and blinded myself to the truth—it’s just you and me.

    Just looking into your eyes is all I ever wanted, and all the raging waters cease;
    Feeling your heartbeat, the world and it’s frenzy dissolves into its true nothingness;
    To share your space is all I’ve ever wanted, all I’ve ever needed;
    You are my heart’s desire.

    Each morning you hold me so near and dear as you whisper your love;
    As I bask in your radiance, I laugh and cry, knowing that no one has ever felt this way before;
    Throughout the day, the only thing I want, the only thing I need, the only thing—allow me to drown in you.

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