A Legacy of Second

Newlyweds Sarah and Hugo attended Bible college together in Argentina. There, they learned of God’s love and character, growing closer to Him and to each other. With passion for the Lord and reaching others for Christ, the Liborio family became missionaries abroad in the Dominican Republic.

Hugo found the I am Second movement to be a powerful tool for sharing his faith and wore the wristband everyday. Though a young and healthy man, while home on leave he suffered an aneurysm during a pickup basketball game.

Unconscious and in critical condition, his wife fished out a simple black bracelet beneath the many hospital bands on Hugo’s wrist. In white writing was his lasting statement: “I am Second.” Wrought with grief Sarah thought,“maybe it was God speaking to me in a voice that I could be comforted by.” As her husband’s earthly body slipped away, she felt him reassure her, “If God needs my life… it’s O.K. because I am Second.”

The inside of Hugo’s wedding band is engraved with “I am Second.” Today Sarah shares what she calls “the I am Second night I had with Hugo.” Her loss becomes a legacy of gain as Jesus Christ is glorified and others are inspired to share, to connect – to become Second.

As she says, “No matter what the cost, I will serve God.”

In life, the One who is First gives purpose. In death, the One who is First gives comfort.

Sarah and Hugo’s story and his legacy of Second is celebrated in her book and website.

3 thoughts on “A Legacy of Second

  1. Marla at 8:38 am

    Wow. Thanks for sharing your story. “I must decrease, that He may increase”……….personified. To God be the Glory.

  2. Hazel at 12:24 pm

    My husband always told me, God was first in his life. He said even though i love you very much, God will always be #1 in my life. i told him i can accept that, because He is #1 in my life too. I am really blessed by this story, it just confirms to me that God should always be first. He knows what is best in our lives, and without Him we would not even have a life. God Bless you!!

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