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First of all, I’m amazed daily at the number of stories I hear of from people of all walks of life, all religious backgrounds, all ages, races, lifestyles, and genders, who have found something positive from this website. Who knew simplicity coupled with authenticity could make such a huge impact? I’m going to start sharing some cool stories with y’all as I hear of them, but I need some of your stories too! If you want to submit your own testimony, your I Am Second story, or something you’ve seen happen recently, let me know, and I’d love to share! Here’s a link to help you do that, and I can’t wait to hear what God’s been doing.

Now then, what I really wanted to share with you:

There’s a blog post from a guy named Eric Bryant. He drew a connection that I was vaguely aware but hadn’t so pointedly realized. Watch Brian Welch’s video, and then watch Stephen Baldwin’s. Eric says, “In both [Brian Welch’s and Stephen Baldwin’s stories], they mentioned random people unknown to the rest of the world who helped them connect personally to God.  For Stephen it was the housekeeper and for Brian it was the real estate broker.  The heroes from these stories were Augusta and Eric –  invisible yet powerful influences.  Random people making a remarkable difference. We may be surprised with who is already looking for God and who we can influence if we have the courage and humility to serve those around us.”There’s not much a can add to that thought. What great things could God do through us if we’re just willing to take action? Just a cool thought.

I’ve got a video I want to share with you tomorrow, so be sure to check back!


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