Lecrae Mission



To make the competition fair we have placed packets in 4 locations around the city (North, South, East, and West Dallas areas).  Go to the location that is closest to you and your team so that you can have the best advantage.  Remember time is of the essence.  The faster you start the mission the better chance you have of winning!  Here are the locations:

Packet Pickup Locations

1.  North – Collin Creek Mall:  811 N Central Expy, Plano, TX 75075

2.  South – Cedar Valley College: 3030 North Dallas Avenue Lancaster, Texas 75134

3.  East – Town East Mall:  2063 Town East Mall, Mesquite, TX 75150

4.  West – Irving Convention Center:  500 W Las Colinas Blvd, Irving, TX 75039

When you arrive at the pickup location, find the mark wearing I am Second apparel.  This person or persons should be wearing sunglasses and looking suspicious.  To confirm they are the the mark ask them, “Who is Second?”  The mark will say, “We are Second” and hand you a mission packet.  In the packet you will find your instructions to the mission and your first clue.

Remember, this is a competition.  The faster you solve the clues the better chance you have of winning the V.I.P. tickets.  You can use the internet to find information about the clue locations.  If you find yourself in a pickle and can’t seem to crack the code, follow @iamsecond on Twitter and ask for assistance with posting #missionhelp.  We will provide you with real time hints to help you along your way and be sure to follow ALL the mission instructions so your team does not get disqualified.  Good luck and may the force be with you!

If you need a recap of The Mission details that we gave before, see below….






Win V.I.P. Tickets to the Unashamed Tour featuring Lecrae!

The mission will begin Saturday, November 16th. Here are the rules and guidelines to participate in the Mission.

What you’ll need:

– A team of  4

– A Car

– A map

– I am Second and Lecrae facts

What you’ll win:

– Top 3 Teams that complete the mission will win a 4 pack of V.I.P. tickets to the concert

– First 25 Teams teams to start the mission will win an I am Second and Reach Records prize pack

– All teams that complete the mission will receive a prize for participation.

Mission Details:

– On the morning of November 16th, Reach Records and I am Second will release 4 locations around D/FW where mission packets will be placed. The packets at each location will contain your team’s mission instructions and clues to help you complete the mission.

Note:  The first 25 teams to pick up their package will receive an I am Second and Reach Records prize pack for their team. A reward for being the first teams to start the mission!

– You will have to solve a total of 3 clues in order to find the location of the V.I.P. tickets.  The first 3 teams to solve the clues and find the tickets will be on their way to the Unashamed Tour with Lecrae on Saturday, November 23rd!

Note: All teams that participate will receive a prize for completing the mission but only the top 3 teams will win the V.I.P. Grand prize.

Now Quick! Go assemble your team and get ready to start the Mission on Saturday, November 16th!  Package locations will be announced on this page and through I am Second social media (FacebookTwitter) Saturday at 10am Central.