I am Second

30Jun, 2013

July Promos



Visit the iamsecondstore and get geared up for July

10 free wristbands with a $30 purchase: I am Second wristband use code 5614, Yo Soy Segundo wristband use code 5615, White I am Second wristband use code 5616.

Free T-shirt with purchase of $30 or more:  I am Second t-shirt use code 5617, Yo Soy  Segundo t-shirt use code 5618.


31May, 2013


Run over to the iamsecondstore and check out these June Promos

10% off all athletic wear, no promo code needed
Free visor with $30 purchase, promo code 5597 for white visor and 5598 for black visor
Free lanyard with $30 purchase, promo code 5600 for English lanyard and 5599 for Spanish lanyard
30Apr, 2013


Don’t miss out on the May Promos at iamsecondstore.com

10% off totes/bags (perfect for mom!) no promo code needed 
Free 10 pk of IAS Adult Signature Wristband with a $ 40 purchase  Code 5402
Free 10 pk Bilingual wristbands with $40 purchase  Code 5403
Free Hope Journal with a $ 40 purchase Code 5404
Free IAS journal with $40 purchase Code 5405