Shannon Culpepper

I just didn’t get to have a fatherly role growing up.


The Story

As a young girl, Shannon Culpepper grew up confused, chasing after the approval that only a father could give and one that she never received.  She thought she found it chasing after love in a man whose manipulative controlling ways left her gasping for breath. All she wanted was a trophy of distinction – for someone to love her and tell her who she was. It was in those dark moments where she found the greatest peace, the most fulfilling joy.

Her story kindles an excitement in the lives of those who feel as if their abandonment is somehow reflective of who they are as individuals. When it looked like she would never receive that validation, it was given to her in the unlikeliest of ways. So, now as she chases after life, she no longer runs with uncertainty, but with the gleaming light of self-assurance.

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