Partner with I am Second?

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The ministry strategy of I am Second is to--

  • Equip missional leaders to . . .
  • Evangelize their networks and to . . .
  • Establish new spiritual communities
  • Using culturally relevant technology, tools and training.

If this is what you are looking for, let’s partner.

What is an
I am Second Partner?

A Partner is a church or ministry that shepherds groups, group leaders, and coaches by providing spiritual oversight and soul care. A Partner starts new spiritual communities using I am Second technology, tools and training. Partners designate a Head Coach, approve and mentor all their Coaches, and use I am Second materials for some of their small groups.

A Partner also can be a city or region launch team that networks together other church and ministry Partners to launch I am Second in their city or region.

What is a Head Coach?

Ministry champion and coordinator for I am Second for a Partner. Recruits, trains and supervises Second Coaches and Group Leaders.

What is a Coach?

Member of a Partner who coaches Second group leaders on how to use I am Second tools, training and technology. Willing to be certified yearly on tools, training and technology of I am Second.

What is a Group Leader?

Group leaders lead Second groups.

Get Started

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To be a Partner, follow these steps:

  1. Fill out application and be approved by I am Second - Application

  2. Designate a Head Coach

  3. Hold an Interest Meeting

  4. Assemble Launch Team

  5. Go through Online Training with your Launch team - Sign up Today

  6. Hold a Planning Meeting

  7. Host a Lead XP

  8. Launch I am Second