the Super Bowl is coming to DALLAS...

What will your friends be talking about after the game?

The Super Bowl is the most watched sporting event in America. People love talking about the whacky commercials and the half-time show, and sometimes even the game itself! Let’s give them something to talk about after the buzz dies down—talking about Jesus and His teachings in I am Second groups after the game.Read More

Purpose of the Party

Everyone loves hanging out and watching the game with their friends—it’s the next best thing to being there! Use a fun party is to find out the spiritual temperature of the people around you. Use it as a stepping stone for more in-depth spiritual conversations after the game.

During the Party

Watch the game. Watch the crazy commercials. Even watch some of the half-time show. Just find a few minutes to show one of the I am Second football-related films (Tony Dungy, Jason Witten, Colt McCoy, Sam Bradford, etc.). They are short—usually between 6 and 10 minutes. You’ll still have plenty of time for refills and bathroom breaks.

Introduce the film with something like “thanks for coming today--I’d like to show a film that had a big impact on me.” When it’s over, mention that “a few of us are getting together to talk about this film, and others on the I am Second website. Let me know if you’d like to come.”

It's as simple as that.
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