How can Jesus help my life come together?

Jerry Zucha

I think that no matter what you're chasing, you're going to chase it and you're going to come up to the end and there's still going to be that void. There's always going to be that next step, that bigger hill or grand thing that you can’t really grasp and so you’ll find yourself constantly frustrated. There has to be something bigger than yourself that keeps you from chasing after something that you'll never find. For me, Christ showed me that he made me and he made me special and I don't have to keep running after that next thing. He filled that void and he took me right where I was regardless of accomplishment. If you want that relationship, what I've come to understand is it's so easy and he offers it, he just lays it out before us. Whoever wants it, whoever desires it, they just have to call out to Jesus and just say "Jesus, I need you."
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