As the I am Second movement grows, so do volunteer opportunities. These could be at our headquarters in Plano, TX, at a local I am Second sponsored event or a community outreach near you. Regardless, we want to get you plugged into the movement. Please fill out the form below so we can inform you of new opportunities.


I was asked to volunteer for I am Second by a friend, not knowing anything about it except for the random signs with faces. I got involved figuring it would be a cool time filler, but more than just a time filler volunteering for I am Second has given me access to a community of out of the box believers. I have met people from different walks of life, churches, religious upbringings and economic backgrounds that have opened my perspective on serving Christ. Every chance I get to meet a new group of volunteers i am introduced to smiling faces, genuine conversation, new ideas and on this last occasion, HARD WORK! lol! I have a more positive view on Christian companies because of the absolute concern for spreading the gospel that I have witnessed while working with e3 and now I have the heart to pursue servitude as a career. Thank you I am Second for allowing me into your world and showing me that Christ is tangible!

- Courtney Paige