Dear Launch Team:

From the beginning, we knew this project would be unique, but we had no idea how special and personal it would become to each of us. Ethan’s story continues to create a growing community that has celebrated each victory and mourned alongside the family with each new struggle ahead. It takes a special kind of boy to go through the suffering Ethan is going through with such wisdom and faith. It takes a special kind of family to experience such pain and still want with all their heart to communicate a message of hope, rather than one of despair.

We remind ourselves of Ethan’s wise words that no matter what happens; it will be a win-win. No matter what happens, God is still good. That is the message this family has kept at the core of everything they are and lives have been changed because of it.

Through their incredible story that is still being written, this family has given each of us a gift that is far more valuable than anything we could have ever imagined.

We want to honor this family for the gift they have given each of us. In honor of Ethan and his family, let us know how their story has impacted your life. Share pictures, words, songs, videos, any way you feel inspired on our new facebook page dedicated to spreading Ethan’s story and courage. The world needs to know Ethan, his family and his incredible story. Go to

#ManyaretheWonders #teamEthan


I am Second Team