20100610-E3_Iamsecond_Brady James 64-1La semana pasada, el Segundo Bradie James se encontró registrándose en la Las Vegas Convetion Center. Conferencias  y salones de hoteles no son nada nuevo para el muchacho de 34 años de edad, pero esta experiencia fue única.

Después de que los Dallas Cowboys lo seleccionaron en el 2003, Bradie disfrutó casi una década en la NFL. Sin embargo, en el 2012, su carrera llegó a su fin. Todo por lo que había trabajado ya estaba completo. Ahí es cuando Bradie empezó a buscar el próximo paso de su vida y fue cuando lanzó Premier Electronics. Pero instalar equipo de seguridad y automatización del hogar no es la verdadera pasión de Bradie. Electronics es solamente una excusa para ser un ejemplo para sus clientes y empleados.

“Puedes vender un producto, pero para mí, se trata de construir una relación”, compartió Bradie.

Recientemente, una nueva cosecha de internos llenaron los pasillos de la oficina de Bradie. Un hombre en particular le llamó la atención, no por su trabajo duro sino por su falta de motivación. En vez de dejarlo ir, Bradie buscó una alternativa inesperada.

“Comencé a ver a un muchacho que llegaba tarde y se iba un poco de fiesta, entonces lo comencé dejar y a llevar al trabajo”, comenzó Bradie

Bradie invitó al joven interno para que lo siguiera. Mientras veía a Bradie dirigir reuniones y resolver conflictos, conversaciones espirituales comenzaron a surgir y su relación se profundizó. Cuanto más se hundía el joven en el abuso de sustancias, Bradie se hundía más en su vida.

“Las personas pasan por eso y es algo con lo que deben lidiar. Debes dar las buenas nuevas, de que, sin importar nada, Dios nos ama. Siempre te puedes recuperar.”

Pasaron meses mientras el joven aprendía de Jesús, pero él no fue el único que cambió a través de su amistad. Bradie experimentó una oportunidad para vivir su propósito en la oficina.

“He aprendido a ser dócil. No es una debilidad, sino poder bajo control. Definitivamente eso es a lo que me he adaptado.”declaró Bradie.

Mientras Bradie estaba en la fila para registrarse en la convención de International CES Electronics en Las Vegas, representó más que un negocio. Él representó a un equipo de empleados y clientes que ha aprendido a servir como un ejemplo de Jesús para otros.

Para aprender más del viaje de Bradie viviendo Segundo, da click aquí.


Please enjoy the following update from Second and former Navy SEAL, Remi Adeleke:

Hello I am Second family,

Remi's FamilySo much has happened over the past few months.  For the sake of time, I’ll only touch on the highlights.  First, my wife Jessica gave birth to our baby boy Cayden on February 19th. He was born weighing 7 pounds 6 ounces and measuring 20.5 inches long.  Cayden has brought so much joy to our lives, and has taught us a new aspect of love we have never experienced.  Providentially, my brother’s wife gave birth to their first child on the same day!

God has also blessed my company.  For those who don’t know, I am part owner of a consulting company, Acumen Performance Group (APG).  APG trains Professional Athletes, Collegiate Athletes, Olympians and Corporations on SEAL principles.  Our topics range from Team Building to Mental Toughness.  This second Quarter of 2014 is projected to be our biggest quarter in our company’s history.  I truly credit all of our success to the Lord our God.

Last year APG had the luxury of running the I am Second Leadership Team through a day of TEAM training.  Considering all the athletic and corporate organizations I’ve worked
Remi Speakingwith, our event with I am Second is among my favorites.

Lastly, with I am Second Speakers, there have been many opportunities for me to share my testimony, help others discover the I am Second movement.  At these events, we’ve seen many live Second!

-Remi Adeleke

Momentum for I am Second Speakers continues to grow, bringing Seconds and their stories to conferences, college campuses, churches and special events everywhere.  Recent bookings include speaking engagements for Seconds Matt Barkley, Remi Adeleke, Karen Green, Bradie James, Sean Lowe, Jason Castro, and I am Second author, Doug Bender.

Please stay tuned and connect with I am Second Speakers on Twitter and Facebook.

IA2- LIVE- Dallas__IMG_3431

Just recently we received a letter from a boy who is now at boy’s camp.  He writes, “As a young teen, I grew up in a bad neighborhood with drugs and gang violence going wrong.  And growing up, I didn’t have much of a father.  He was ignoring me for a while. [But] today I am writing to get a bracelet from you. Today I just found my real Father.  Now I made God first.”

Another changed life through I am Second. There is so much to celebrate in a declaration of Second.

Last month the movement celebrated five years of changing lives and capturing stories. The I am Second Live event, hosted by New York Times #1 Bestseller, Eric Metaxas, celebrated 100 I am Second films and their impact. Eric conducted interviews with many of the Seconds- Brian “Head” Welch, Annie Lobert, Remi Adeleke, and Scott Hamilton, accompanied by our musical Seconds, Jason Castro and Moriah Peters.  These Seconds shared stories of how their involvement with I am Second has been an investment in changing lives.

On December 2nd the I am Second movement will celebrate its 5th birthday. We will be streaming this night of I am Second Live with you.  Celebrate with us. Introduce others to the movement. Help us change more lives, like our friend who just became Second.

To get more information about the online streaming of I am Second Live, plus other I am Second news and deals for, sign up here:

L.A. Hip Hop artist Propaganda challenges you to take the Spoken Word Challenge with a 90 second video of your own spoken word poetry discussing “identity”, your struggle to discover purpose, meaning, and yourself.

The top five videos with the most views will qualify as finalists from which Propaganda will choose a winner. The winner will receive $200 plus VIP access to a Propaganda concert nearest you.

Contest starts May 28 and ends June 18. All submissions MUST include within the video a visual of “”. Send us a link to your downloadable video at Winner will be announced June 21.

For Contest Rules go to



I am Second attended EDGEFEST this year, a premier alternative rock event in the Dallas area, and offered free rides home to those who needed it. There were no strings attached, no fee, just a simple gesture that helped save lives.

Helping dozens of would-be intoxicated drivers catch a safe ride home via a taxicab, the movement helped people realize what living Second is about. Funding and support came from people like you and even new I am Second fans who attended EDGEFEST. The concertgoers who chose to take the free cab ride received information on how to learn more about, and from there, they would find the life changing stories of others who have discovered the power of Second. People who caught a free ride included young adults, teens, one of the concert’s performers and even an entire family!

More change is coming, and it starts with you as part of this movement. Leave us a comment on your thoughts about the catch a free ride effort, then share this blog post with others! How does this inspire you to get out in the crowd and do something small that makes a big difference?

Follow the Movement | Join the Conversation



When three students at Guyer High in Denton caught word of a Second student group in a neighboring town, they had to see it for themselves.They were seeking a way to reach more people for Jesus and felt that I am Second could help.

“We want it to be a movement in our school; something that inspires people.” — Megan Washam 

With permission from their parents to skip first block, they drove out to Hebron High on an early Friday morning and met with leaders of their Second group. Convinced that I am Second could work for their school, they returned with a renewed passion and began praying that God would do amazing things through them. He did.

“It’s just the atmosphere…God being present in the school, it makes such a difference.” — Suzie Palmer

WIthin weeks they moved from a small group to 30 students, then 40, then 60 and so on until they could no longer be contained by the class room that once held their meetings. Every Friday morning these students arrive an hour and a half early to worship, share stories, and pray together for each other, their school, and their leaders.

“God is doing great things here and we’re just happy to be a part of it.” — Tiffany Walker


Seeing a group of 20-somethings roaming the West End of Dallas in the evening is a pretty common sight. Seeing them stop and chat with strangers is another thing, especially when those they are conversing with are homeless.

26-year old David Miranda doesn’t find this as unusual. He and a group of friends, many recruited from nearby Dallas Baptist University, make it a habit to camp near the West End DART Rail station and reach out to the residents, and those without residences, of that area of town.

It all started when Miranda, who was born in Sulphur Springs, TX and now runs a interpreter/translation business in Dallas, was inspired by his encounters with I am Second to use the movement’s  t-shirts to reach people in Downtown Dallas’ West End.  Finding this tool to work, he soon involved DBU students, most who are 3rd  generation Hispanic, to join in his adventures. They utilize both I am Second and Yo Soy Segundo gear/materials to start conversations in both languages.

With supercharged energy, the work of the group soon expanded from Sunday night sojourns to planting a church that meets on Sunday morning that provides food, clothing and worship services. The impact on the community as a whole is growing, and the new West End Church, as they call themselves, is as diverse as you’ll see. What can be found in these unexpected places? Jesus.






16Feb, 2012

Finish A Winner


Friday, February 24th, join us at Ocean Walk Shoppes
for our “Finish a Winner”, racing event!

It’s NUMBERS NIGHT! Wear the gear of your favorite driver and enjoy food & drink specials at the restaurants in Ocean Walk. Plus, we’ll have free racing themed crafts and games for the kids starting at 4pm. The “Finish a Winner” rally, presented by I am Second, features a FREE concert at the Bandshell starring, The Charlie West Band and Cross Country. This begins at 6pm. Watch the premier of I am Second’s race car driver film. Then get up close and personal with the drivers themselves as they sign autographs and share their stories with fans at Ocean Walk Shoppes “Finish a Winner” rallies are about winning the race of life! Join I am Second Friday, February 24th at the Ocean Walk Shoppes!

Join us at the Facebook event page.

Check out for more information!

*Scheduled to attend are multiple favorite NASCAR drivers. A new I am Second driver film will be shown as well that features among others, Trevor Bayne, Ricky Stenhouse, Jr, Michael McDowell, Justin Allgaier, Blake Koch and David Starr.

15Jan, 2012

I am Second Book Celebration Party Webcast   (Click here to view)

The official January launch of I am Second:  Real Stories. Changing Lives. is a cause for celebration throughout the I am Second movement. View the webcast here the the party bringing together many of the Seconds profiled in the book, leaders of the movement from around the country, special guests and local DFW supporters. Filmed at the I am Second headquarters in Plano, TX with almost 500 people in attendance, the evening features a program of performances including worship leader Todd Agnew, hip-hop artist Sean Little, Illusionist Jim Munroe, a special appearance by the Newsboys and much more.  Make sure to get your copies of the book! One for you and one to give away.

02Nov, 2011

Being the star quarterback for the USC Trojans is an honor for Matt Barkley. The last three before him: Mark Sanchez, Matt Leinart, and Carson Palmer, are each stars in the NFL. Experts are projecting Matt to join them in the professional ranks. For now, however, the junior at the University of Southern California has a platform in which the spotlight is shining on his every move, including his faith in Christ. He takes the next step in sharing that faith through an I am Second film premiering on Monday, November 7th.

The music scene in Evansville, Indiana may not be as large as New York City, but it is vibrant nonetheless. So when Sean Little performs, people are listening. Perform it is, since his energetic hip-hop/rap requires him to transform from the soft-spoken family man he is away from the stage. But it wasn’t always that way. Only through Christ working in his life has he developed a peace to help him calm the dysfunctional he lived out earlier in his life. His film also premiers November 7th.

I am Second was in Nashville recently filming a major country music star whose film will be released in several weeks. Also filmed in Nashville were several local personalities, a national reality show participant and a retired international sports celebrity. Patience, please. They will all be released soon.

Filming in Dallas also will take place in November with an award-winning baseball star, spanish-language television personality and former model. Any guesses as to who?

The release of I am Second’s Lecrae film in September generated the most initial views of any film to date and helped push web traffic to its highest one day total ever.