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Surrounded by a sea of parked cars, crispy grass, and enthusiastic concert goers, David and his friend, Brandon, joined the team of I am Second volunteers at Celebrate Freedom 2013. The field around them filled with multi-colored umbrellas, lawn chairs, and beach towels as David and the rest of the volunteers engaged the crowds to share their story and make an impromptu IAS video right there on the spot. David himself connected with I am Second through one of the stories from the site (Lecrae: and couldn’t wait to hear the stories of everyday people. Hear the stories David uncovered in his conversations with people.


Thanks to the volunteers who make I am Second events possible and to the brave people who reach out to the movement everyday with their real stories. Keep living Second!



Moriah Peter’s I am Second film launches this month! Before you watch her film, check out the insider interview where she talks about her music, journey and faith.


Q: When did you discover your love of music?

MP: I discovered my love of music when it had the biggest impact on me in sixth grade.  I went to a camp with my church, and the music was just a guy on a guitar, but he played really well and beautifully.  And it was a worship song, and I had my first music + God really powerful moment outside just looking at the stars and the trees. And I was like, “Wow. Like this is powerful.”

Q: From then on, did you know you wanted to be a singer?

MP: I don’t think I ever had the dream of “I want to be on the stage. I want to be a singer. I want that to be my lifelong career.” I still get scared to death before going out on stage. It’s not something that I desire. But I do see it as a platform, and, I mean, honestly, my desire was always to be a lawyer. My dad is a judge. And so just growing up around him, being a lawyer, and then becoming a commissioner. I thought that’s what I wanted to do. And I worked really hard in high school so that I could get a scholarship, and I got one. And ended up turning down the scholarship so that I could go to Nashville and do music.

Q: So when did the music doors finally open up?

MP: When I met Wendy Green. She felt like God had spoken to her very specifically that she needed to take me to labels and help me record a demo. I moved some things over to Nashville. Not permanently, but just for a couple of weeks, and I stayed in Nashville and went to different labels. And I went back home and continued on with my senior year of high school. And I got a phone call from her. And she said, “Now, honey. Don’t you be disappointed if none of these labels call you back. It has nothing to do with your talent.”

So I prayed. I said, “God, I know that it doesn’t make a lot of sense for me to have any interest from labels. I haven’t done music on my own. I haven’t written songs. I don’t even have a Twitter account. It doesn’t make sense for things to work out for me in this way. But if this is your will, please make it clear to me, and open the doors.”

[Wendy] called me back a few days later and said, “Honey, you come back over. We’ve got five label meetings set on up. Come on.”

Q: What has this entire experience meant for your faith?

MP: I’m not the same person that I was being that 17-year-old coming to Nashville.  Sort of having the ideal perfect situation of labels to choose from, a great manager, almost seemingly picture perfect.  And then going through the process of well, the single didn’t do that well. The sales weren’t that great.  We should have done this differently. We should have done that differently. The challenges of being on the road, and being a female. And being alone. These challenges have shaped me, are still shaping me.


Don’t forget to check out Moriah Peters’ I am Second film August 22. See how an American Idol judging, a chance meeting, and a commitment to never kiss until marriage helped launch this young musician.



Behind the Scenes: Jason Castro sings “Hallelujah” for a private audience while on expedition in Colombia. Listen and then visit to take a trip of a lifetime with I am Second, just like Jason.



“Brian’s testimony was really a huge inspiration for me to stop partying and using drugs! It’s now been 9 months with no drugs or alcohol! God is good” -Michael Sposato

“I, for one, have witnessed the testimony of Lecrae bring a handful of incarcerated juveniles to accept the love of God and his grace, his forgiveness and acceptance regardless of what their past said of their future!” -Julie Hunt

“I found it through a link. I found a church close to me and went the following Sunday. Imagine my surprise when the pastor got up to speak and I realized he was the person in [the] IA2 commercial! That was three and a half years ago…I was baptized January 3, 2010. I now run a children’s ministry for homeless and impoverished children. Our God is an Awesome and Merciful God! I cannot tell you how important this movement is…there are hundreds, maybe thousands of NaKinas out there that desperately need someone to reach out to them and bring them the Hope that is Christ Our Savior. IA2 does that even when they are too depressed, or drugged out or beat up or whatever, to leave their home.” -Nakina Talbert

Since the movement began five years ago, people have asked how they can get involved in spreading the life changing stories found in the I am Second films. Many, like Nakina and Michael, were those who had personally experienced the life altering truth the films presented. Others, like Julie, had seen friends, family, or coworkers whose live were totally changed forever and wanted to get involved in making that happen around the world. The new initiative Seconds Change empowers you to spread the stories of changed lives like never more.

As I am Second approaches 28 million film views in nearly every country on the planet, I am Second has opened up a new opportunity for people to get involved. It’s called Seconds Change. For a mere $2 a week, you can sign up and help fund the next I am Second film. Maybe it’s the film of Brazilian soccer star Kaka (to be released in 2014) that you get to fund, or the NY Times bestselling author whose fanbase even includes presidents, that you get to help bring to the world this September. Whatever the story, whoever the personality, Seconds Change lets you be a part of telling the life giving story around the world. Put your loose change to work and see how a couple bucks can change the world. To sign up or learn more go to


Knuckleball – it’s a baseball tradition. But the personalities and approach of the knuckleball pitchers themselves tend to be unqiue. Like kickers in football, their approach to the game has to be less traditional in order to do their job. A knuckleball, which is thrown with the fingertips/fingernails and lazily heads to plate with no spin, is the exact opposite of what most pitchers strive to achieve. But for RA Dickey, being different has been the thing that’s made him a game changer.

As the reigning National League Cy Young Award winner and the only current knuckleball pitcher in the major leagues, RA Dickey is in the spotlight every game he pitches. A believer in Jesus, he publically proclaims his faith and is always ready to speak out, which he has done in a variety of ways over the last few years. From writing books, to media interviews, to participating in causes, the Nashville native integrates his faith story into everything he does – something not a lot of professional athletes strive to do.

A Nashville native, RA was introduced to I am Second this year and is part of I am Second’s July baseball emphasis. Why focus on baseball in July? First, it is one of the few times of the year when the sport is solely in the limelight. Secondly, with the baseball All-Star Game (July 16th) broadcast worldwide, players like RA have a platform to share their story with those who may be hard to reach. While some of us may not have the limelight RA Dickey has to tell his story, we are all still different when we live Second. We approach speaking about Jesus differently. We wear the gear to start spiritual conversations in a different way. We let our actions of putting God first be an example to others, simply so they can understand that accepting Second changes everything. And through all of this, even without limelight, we prove as a movement that being different is sometimes the best approach. Can you relate to that?

RA’s story of reaching major league stardom is filled with high moments, setbacks, personal tragedy and triumph, and finally being comfortable with his identity as a player and in Jesus. Later this month you’ll be able to watch his story and be inspired from his journey. Share it with others to start conversations wherever your are.

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L.A. Hip Hop artist Propaganda challenges you to take the Spoken Word Challenge with a 90 second video of your own spoken word poetry discussing “identity”, your struggle to discover purpose, meaning, and yourself.

The top five videos with the most views will qualify as finalists from which Propaganda will choose a winner. The winner will receive $200 plus VIP access to a Propaganda concert nearest you.

Contest starts May 28 and ends June 18. All submissions MUST include within the video a visual of “”. Send us a link to your downloadable video at Winner will be announced June 21.

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“One night at my brother’s house, we decided to tell our stories,” said Lavance Meeks. “We told our ‘survivor of’ stories. It was a lot more powerful than we thought. We had survivors of rape, sickness, fatherlessness, doubt.”

Anyone who was willing shared.

“It was out of a lot people’s comfort zone to share such deep stuff,” he recalled. “But we felt we had to share.”

They thought about filming their stories. Lavance saw some I am Second films but knew his friends needed something closer to home, a story from someone they knew.

“My friends don’t know Tony Dungy[link to film] or Lecrae [link to film],” Lavance explained. “But they know me. I wanted to do my video because these people knew where I came from. They knew my past. They grew up in my neighborhood.”

So despite the warnings and fears, Lavance and others began to film their stories.

“The reaction has been strong,” Lavance recalled. “People call and text me all the time now wanting to talk about fatherlessness, about their own problems and issues. They ask me to talk with their children and family. I’ve told my story at churches, at a youth detention center. I’ve been so humbled by the reaction, by how much people have been inspired.”

“I didn’t do this to get pity. I don’t do this for sympathy. I don’t do this so somebody can come and pat me on my back. I’m not even doing this to diss my dad. I just want people to understand that God is your real father. God said in his Word that he would never leave you or forsake you, that his grace is sufficient. That means that no matter what, as long as you got Him, that is all you need. God has proven that to me.”

Do you have a story? Go here to submit your own story



I am Second attended EDGEFEST this year, a premier alternative rock event in the Dallas area, and offered free rides home to those who needed it. There were no strings attached, no fee, just a simple gesture that helped save lives.

Helping dozens of would-be intoxicated drivers catch a safe ride home via a taxicab, the movement helped people realize what living Second is about. Funding and support came from people like you and even new I am Second fans who attended EDGEFEST. The concertgoers who chose to take the free cab ride received information on how to learn more about, and from there, they would find the life changing stories of others who have discovered the power of Second. People who caught a free ride included young adults, teens, one of the concert’s performers and even an entire family!

More change is coming, and it starts with you as part of this movement. Leave us a comment on your thoughts about the catch a free ride effort, then share this blog post with others! How does this inspire you to get out in the crowd and do something small that makes a big difference?

Follow the Movement | Join the Conversation



“Being Second as a mom is joyful, it’s hard sometimes, it’s gentleness, it’s being patient, it’s confusing, it’s encouraging…it’s love…it’s rewarding…” -Cheryl Scruggs

Moms have the hardest job. As psyhologist Erich Fromm stated, “The mother-child relationship is paradoxical. It requires the most intense love on the mother’s side, yet this very love must help the child grow away from the mother, and to become fully independent.”

They are charged with loving a child that only ever learns to truly appreciate that love once the child grows up and moves out. But through it all Cheryl Scruggs has learned from the ups and downs, the confusion and the break-throughs, the hard times and the good times, that Second is the only way to really be a mom.

Cheryl first connected with the I am Second audience with the rivoting story of her and her husband’s journey through marriage, infedility, divorce, and, amazingly, remarriage. Through the heartbreak and reconciliation, she learned that God is more than a religion, more than a philosophical option, but someone who wants a relationship.

“I’ve learned as a mom,” Cheryl said, “the importance of spending time in God’s word and putting Him first in my life. It’s extremely important to nurture your relationship with [Him].”


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When three students at Guyer High in Denton caught word of a Second student group in a neighboring town, they had to see it for themselves.They were seeking a way to reach more people for Jesus and felt that I am Second could help.

“We want it to be a movement in our school; something that inspires people.” — Megan Washam 

With permission from their parents to skip first block, they drove out to Hebron High on an early Friday morning and met with leaders of their Second group. Convinced that I am Second could work for their school, they returned with a renewed passion and began praying that God would do amazing things through them. He did.

“It’s just the atmosphere…God being present in the school, it makes such a difference.” — Suzie Palmer

WIthin weeks they moved from a small group to 30 students, then 40, then 60 and so on until they could no longer be contained by the class room that once held their meetings. Every Friday morning these students arrive an hour and a half early to worship, share stories, and pray together for each other, their school, and their leaders.

“God is doing great things here and we’re just happy to be a part of it.” — Tiffany Walker